Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We cater to your Parties/Location and provide eating Supplies (Plates, Forks/Knives/Spoons. Paper Napkins)
· In KL and Selangor area
· Additional charge for Take-out Container (Tapau/Bungkus for your guests), Catering/Service charge.
· Individual Price :
* Burger (in a Bun with everything on it) RM7, raw burger patty RM4.00
* Mini Burgers RM4
* BBQ Chicken Drumstick or Wings Rm2.50, or RM10 for 5 (discounts for party orders, call for details)
* Lamb RM8, RM15 with side dish (discounts for party orders, call for details)
* Steaks (available upon request)
* BBQ sauce - our homemade bbq sauce. Made from imported spices RM18 per bottle

BBQ for Shima Reid at Azuna's house Bangi

FlavorMalayWesternKick provided cooking service for this event. Everyone seemed to enjoy the LOVE we put into this, especially Mrs Reid. Thank you everyone (K90) who made this event a success.