Sunday, November 20, 2011

Season Greetings from MJ Burger and BBQ

Every year we offer Best Meal for you and your family.  We cater Cajun Deep Fried Turkey (From RM190-RM290 - 5kg up to 11kg).  Side Dishes are available :

Potato Salad - RM60.00 (For 30-40 servings)

Coleslaw - RM60.00 (For 30-45 servings)

Pasta Salad - RM80 (For 30-40 servings)

Grilled Chicken Alferedo (Pasta with white sauce) - RM8.00/serving

Spagheti with Meat sauce - RM8.00/serving

Lemon Butter Pasta with Chicken or Shrimp - RM8.00/serving

Pasta with creamy basil sauce with shrimp - RM8.00/serving

Lasagna - RM8.00/serving

Garden Salads with Vinaigrette Dressing/Honey Mustard/Ranch Dressing - RM7/serving
Caesar Salad - RM7/serving

Vegetable Tray (Cherry Tomatoes, Celery Sticks, Cucumber Sticks, Carrot Sticks) with Onion Dip - RM60 (for 30 servings)
Chips and Salsa - RM50 (For 15 servings
Guacamole Dip (Avocado Dip) - RM60 (For 15 servings)

CALL FOR ORDER (Require 1 week in advance to order)
012-2046486 or 017-2526610